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MCC Studios is a music recording & post-production studio based in Greater Manchester We offer professional, quality recordings for bands, singer-songwriters and vocalists etc. We’ll take your song from a rough demo, to a professional, release quality, radio ready master. In house engineer/producer Dave Pemberton was chief engineer at Air/Strongroom Studios in London from 1995 to 2012, since them has worked out of some of the best studios in Europe, including Sarm West, RAK, Metropolis, Blue Box, Miloco and Forward Studios in Rome. In 2017 relocating to Manchester to take over the mixing desk at MCC Studio. Check out Dave's biog on the link below.


We also offer post-production services for film, TV and radio including voiceovers, SFX and composition.

Of course it goes without saying that we have the highest quality audio equipment based around Protools HD5 and an Avid C24 console. We have over 32 inputs available, for latency free tracking, with mic amps from Focusrite, Golden Age Pre 73 and Seventh circle valve pre’s. With our large live room and stage area, we can accommodate 16 musicians for orchestral work, or the largest of bands. On mix down we have all the usual plug ins to choose from, plus a nice selection of analogue compression, including original Urie 1176’s, focusrite ISA 131 and Drawmer.

The live room is large enough to accomodate a 9 piece band all playing live in the room. We have a fully equipped stage, with PA, monitor wedges, lights and a 6 screen video wall. We also offer high quality video, live broadcasts to social media, facebook live, you tube etc.

We can also host showcase gigs with an invited audience.

Please get in touch via the contact page to speak with Dave, and arrange your session. Prices vary, depending on your requirements….



Music recording and mixing for bands, DJ's etc. Additional production, timing and tuning. Voice over recording. We also compose bespoke music and sound design for film and tv.

Full live production rehearsals on our stage. 6 screen video wall, lighting and monitors. Live video streaming also available.

Remote recording. If you need real drums, or guitars etc on your track, send me the stems and i can get one of our pool of musicians to play on your track to your brief. I'll then quantise and edit the drums so they are tight with your track.





Recorded and mixed at MCC Studios. Produced by James Loughrey, Dave Pemberton and Jamie Skehan.


Recorded and mixed at MCC Studios. Produced by Dave Pemberton


PACIFIC - Clarity






Recorded and mixed at MCC Studios. Produced by Dave Pemberton


NARROW MARGIN - Oxford Street


Every artist’s needs are different. If you let us know what kind of session your planning we can provide the technical expertise to best realise your project. Our rates are competitive and based on your session.

Please contact us to arrange a booking.


Online, or attended mixing. Our Grammy nominated mix engineer Dave Pemberton will mix your song, timing, tuning and layering drums etc, if needed. I need to know the track count, song length and if you need tuning/timing etc before i can give you an accurate quote... Mastering is included and we supply both mastered and unmastred wav files, 44.1k 24 bit.  Main mix and instrumental. Additional stems provided as required.

Live Production

We have a full stage set up with 6k PA and 5 monitor wedges. Perfect for dress rehersals before a tour, we have our own 24 channel analogue mixer, or we can hire in the digital FOH desk of choice, to set up scenes etc before a tour. We also have a 3x2 52" video wall.  Please get in touch to arrange a viewing or to book a session.


Live streaming to facebook etc, photo shoots, band videos. We have in house photographers and video production services. Please contact for details.

Discounts for unsigned bands and self funding artists.

Here are three songs from unsigned bands, all recorded and mixed recently here at MCC Studio.